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About Eternity:

"Meet Eternity, also known as Princess Eternity.

Birthed onto earth by stardust, Eternity discovered that she was gifted with an ability that allowed her to manipulate others emotional energies. Through her journey through the mortal realm, Eternity encountered a kingdom burdened with despair. With her abilities, she helped heal the wounded hearts and souls of it's people with love and healing. Her selfless deeds and compassionate actions captured the kingdom's admiration, leading them to honor her with the title of their princess."


  • Clothing Toggles: Sleeves, Bra Options, Bodysuit, Skirt, Panties, Socks,
  • Accessory Toggles: Headband, Glasses, Choker, Earrings, Rings, Mouthwear
  • Skin Options: Skintone Slider, Tattoos, Eyelashes Dark, Kitsune Marks
  • Body Sliders: Boobs Slider, Butt Slider
  • Hair Options: Hair Length Slider, Hair Colors (5 Options), Hair Hue, Hair Saturation, Hair Switch
  • Eye Options: Eye Hue, Eye Saturation, Remove Eye Pupils
  • Species Toggles: Cat Ears, Cat Tail, Angel Wings, Elf Ears
  • Extras: Gold Metal, Disable Contacts, Disable Wing Flag Idle, Disable Tail Wag, Disable Ear Twitch


  • FBT Ready
  • Phys Bones and Colliders
  • Custom Facial and Hand Gestures
  • Custom Blinking Animation
  • Custom Idle Animations for Wings, Ears and Tail
  • Head Pat and Nose Boop Contact Animations
  • Custom Menu Icons
  • GoGo Loco Added
  • Organized Project File

How To Upload:

  1. Open the VRChat Creator Companion, and create a new avatar project, make sure you are using Unity version 2022.3.61f1
  2. Make sure you have VRCFury installed (This step is now optional)
  3. Import Poiyomi Toon Shader 7.3.50 to 8.1.163
  4. Import the "eternity by aezuki" Unity package into Unity
  5. Click the scene that says "open me - eternity by aezuki" to open the avatar, then you can upload!


  • Do NOT make any of my avatars public
  • Do NOT redistribute or leak any my avatars to anyone or any websites
  • Do NOT upload my avatars to anyone else's account(s) or for anyone else unless both parties own the package
  • Do NOT price split my avatars
  • Do NOT take or reuse any parts of my avatars
  • You MUST fill out all checkout information correctly or else your license will not be valid
    • (If purchasing for another person, fill out their information correctly as well!)
  • You MAY use my avatars on any type of social media platform as long as proper credit is given, but you may NOT claim them as your OC since these are my characters that I have designed myself!
  • You MAY edit my avatars such as changing colors, textures, doing hair swaps, ear and tail swaps or small clothing changes
    • (You cannot make any big edits that make my work unrecognizable)
  • You MAY convert my avatars to other games as long as they follow my rules
  • I am NOT responsible to fix it an avatar if a VRChat update breaks them
  • I cannot refund digital products, you are responsible for your purchases!


Body: Zinpia, Skin Texture: YingYangVr, Tattoos: Mabya, Head/Eyes/Hair: sleepy, Nails: Mochia, Sleeves/Skirt/Panties/Bodysuit/Bra/Headpiece/Wings/Side Bun: Nessy, Pasties: wen3d, Socks: Saikura, Heels: Sezzy, Rings: nauuki, Earrings: Holoexe, Choker: Deimos, Ears/Tail: nikkie.png, Tongue: Cupkake (Nitro), Mouthwear/Glasses: Aika, Better Hand Gestures: Kiri, GogoLoco: franada Theme: ToxxicVR Some Icons: 「awmi」

Special thanks to _Nocturnal for helping me with photos, to Admiral` & ༺Crazy☭Russki༻ for help with the toggle video, and to you guys who purchase and support my avatars!

Contacts & Socials:

Update Log:

  • Fixed VR/FBT Locomotion Issue
  • Fixed an issue where face expressions stopped working after using contacts
  • Added an idle animation for desktop users
  • Added Quest version
  • Fixed an issue where visemes and arm tracking stopped working when using GoGo Loco poses
I want this!

No refunds!

I cannot refund digital products, you are responsible for your purchases!

Last updated Mar 12, 2024

70 MB
Skinned Mesh Renderers
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Texture Memory Usage
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Phys Bone Transform Count
Phys Bone Colliders
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11 ratings
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